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Blog Title: Pros and cons of storage tank water heater

Main Que: What are some pros and cons of storage tank water heater?

  • Category: General FAQs On Hot Water Heater
  • Query By: MELISSA HALL (Lowell, MA)
  • Date: 04/12/2013

Answer: "Storage-tank hot water heaters Most of the storage-tank water heaters are basically steel cylinders that have a cold water inlet pipe, which brings the cold water in. The water then gets heated inside the tank and is then carried out through the hot water pipe. Another pipe that protrudes out of the tank has the temperature and pressure relied valve, which opens in case either of them exceed the preset level. On top of that, you will also find a drain valve that is located near the bottom of the tank, and a control unit which is located on the tank to control the temperature of the water. In gas models, there is an option for controlling the pilot light. Gas is the fuel of choice if you already have natural-gas service or can run a gas line to your home economically. Gas models cost more than electrics. But on the basis of national-average fuel costs, a gas water heater will cost you about half as much to run as a comparable electric model. Thus, a gas heater might amortize the up-front difference in cost in as little as a year. While you'll also find oil-fired storage heaters, they're relatively expensive, because they include the tank and an oil burner. That's why homes with oil heat typically use an electric water heater. Pros: -Low initial cost of the system -Low venting cost -Most of the storage water heaters will provide hot water heater as soon as you open the faucet. Cons: -They do not have an endless supply of hot water -They are not as efficient as tankless water heater"

  • Replied By: DARRELL DAY (Jacksonville, NC)
  • Replied Date: 04/30/2013